Department History

    Medford Lakes Borough's 1st Police Officer

Chief Leon E. Gager 

    The Borough of Medford Lakes was incorporated as in independent borough by act of New Jersey legislation on May 17, 1939.  The early history of the Medford Lakes Police Department consisted almost entirely of Chief Leon E. Gager and a Model-A Ford.  Except for occasional aid from part time men, Chief Gager was the police force until 1967 when three full time men were added to his staff.  

          Chief Thomas S. Smith, Jr.


    By December of 1971, when Chief Gager retired, the staff had grown to seven members, headed by Chief Thomas S. Smith, Jr, and reached a complement of eight plus a civilian secretary.  At first there was no real police headquarters.  Officers used space in both the administration building and the borough garage.  In October 1975 an addition was completed at Oaks Hall which included new general offices, a chief's office, communications area, squad room, locker room, and darkroom.


      Chief Roger N. Smith 

       Chief Jim McGarvey

            Chief Robert Scott

         Chief Frank Martine

        Chief Steve Carbone

             Chief Robert Dugan, Jr.

    In September 2001, the original Oaks Hall was closed and the police department along with the entire borough administration/offices, moved to the trailers located on the corner of Stokes & Lenape Trails.  The trailers served as the police department and borough offices until October 3, 2008 with the completion of the "New" Oaks Hall located at it's original location on Cabin Circle Drive.  Today the Medford Lakes Police Department consists of 10 full-time police officers and an administrative secretary.  The Medford Lakes Police Department takes pride in providing the highest quality of police services to the residents, while working together to ensure Medford Lakes continues to be one of the safest places to raise a family and live.  

Medford Lakes Police Department 1950's

"Violators Beware"

March 7, 1957 New Police Vehicle

Left to Right: Chief Leon Gager, Patrolman Ralph Valls, Patrolman Clarence Wingert and Patrolman George Greatrex

February 26, 1959:  MLPD New Police Car

Left to Right: Ptl. Greatrex, Ptl.Valls, Chief Gager, Ptl. Wingert, Ptl.Pryer

Chief Gager at Lamb's Garage, Ford Dealer