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Community Programs

Bicycle Registration Program

    The Medford Lakes Police Department bicycle registration program was started by Officer Jack Smith in 1973.  The goal of the program was to register Medford Lakes resident's bicycles so in the event they were stolen/lost/or found, the police department could locate the owner and return the bicycle.  The program also includes bicycle inspections and registration for students at Neeta and Nokomis Schools.  The bicycle inspections ensure that students bicycles are safe for their commute to school.  Since 2004, Larry MacDonald of Wheelies Bicycle Shop has graciously donated his time every year to assist the Medford Lakes Police Department with inspecting the student's bicycles and registering same.  Bicycle registration is available for all borough residents and is free of cost.  

           Sergeant Jack Smith at Neeta School 1973 

MedReturn Program

Every day 2,500 kids abuse prescription drugs for the first time.  Seventy percent of people who abuse prescription pain relievers say they got them from friends or relatives.

Research shows that currently many unwanted or expired household and prescription medications are improperly disposed of.  The harmful methods being used include flushing the drugs down toilets or putting them into the garbage.  Both of these methods have damaging effects on our environment and contaminate our water supply.  MedReturn Drug Collection Unit provides a safe, sustainable and secure vehicle to dispose of unwanted or expired household medicines or prescription medications.

Medford Lakes Police, Medford Lakes Borough & Manager Julie Keizer-Horner, and Medford Lakes Municipal Alliance worked together to purchase and install the MedReturn Collection unit which is located just outside the borough offices at Oaks Hall.  Drop-off is free and anonymous.  The police department has collected hundreds of pounds of prescription drugs which are turned over to the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

DOTTY PERRY of Southampton uses the new MedReturn receptacle to safely dispose of unwanted prescription medications as Officer Matthew Parrish of the Medford Lakes Police Department looks on.

Senior Citizen Check Program
The Medford Lakes Police Department offers a Senior Citizen Check Program which provides a weekly check on borough seniors who live alone and/or may need assistance.  This program was created and implemented by Officer Jon Cherby in 2005.  The Medford Lakes Police Department conducts weekly visits to borough seniors and also provides safety tips.  If you have any questions regarding the program or would like to be added to the program, please call  609-654-2156.

Child Safety Seat Check Program

Cpl. Jon Cherby and Officer Andy Hoyer are Certified Child Safety Seat Technicians and are available to install and/or inspect any child safety seat for borough residents.  To set up an appointment to have your child safety seat checked contact Ofc. Hoyer ahoyer@medfordlakespolice.org or 
Cpl. Cherby jcherby@medfordlakespolice.org

The Burlington County Sheriff's Department also hosts various Child Safety Checkpoints throughout Burlington County.  
For additional information visit: 

House/Vacation Check Program
The Medford Lakes Police Department offers a house/vacation check program for residents who are away on vacation or reside out-of-state during the Winter.  Police conduct checks of the residence and report if open doors are found, water leaks/damage to the residence, or any suspicious activity.  If you would like to put your residence on check, please complete the House/Vacation Check form by clicking here Resource Library
or call 609-654-2156 for further assistance.