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Department History

    Medford Lakes Borough's 1st Police Officer
Chief Leon E. Gager 

    The Borough of Medford Lakes was incorporated as in independent borough by act of New Jersey legislation on May 17, 1939.  The early history of the Medford Lakes Police Department consisted almost entirely of Chief Leon E. Gager and a Model-A Ford.  Except for occasional aid from part time men, Chief Gager was the police force until 1967 when three full time men were added to his staff.  

Chief Thomas S. Smith, Jr.

    By December of 1971, when Chief Gager retired, the staff had grown to seven members, headed by Chief Thomas S. Smith, Jr, and reached a complement of eight plus a civilian secretary.  At first there was no real police headquarters.  Officers used space in both the administration building and the borough garage.  In October 1975 an addition was completed at Oaks Hall which included new general offices, a chief's office, communications area, squad room, locker room, and darkroom.

Chief Roger N. Smith 

Chief Jim McGarvey

Chief Robert Scott

Chief Frank Martine

Chief Steve Carbone

After Chief Thomas Smith Jr. retired, the department was led by Chief Roger N. Smith.  Roger Smith served as Chief of Police from 1977 until he retired in December of 1995.  Chief Jim "Mac" McGarvey led the department from 1996-1997.  Robert Scott became Chief of Police following McGarvey's retirement and later retired in 2002.  Chief Francis Martine led the department from March of 2002 until retiring in 2012.  
On April 24, 2013 Lieutenant Stephen Carbone was promoted to Chief of Police.  Chief Carbone  has overseen the creation of the new police department website, new scheduling system, as well as a new payroll system until his retirement on May 1, 2014.  

On December 1, 2015 Robert J. Dugan, Jr. was sworn in as Chief of Police.  

    In September 2001, the original Oaks Hall was closed and the police department along with the entire borough administration/offices, moved to the trailers located on the corner of Stokes & Lenape Trails.  The trailers served as the police department and borough offices until October 3, 2008 with the completion of the "New" Oaks Hall located at it's original location on Cabin Circle Drive.  Today the Medford Lakes Police Department consists of 10 full-time police officers, 1 SLEO II, and an administrative secretary.  The Medford Lakes Police Department takes pride in providing the highest quality of police services to the residents, while working together to ensure Medford Lakes continues to be one of the safest places to raise a family and live.  

Original Medford Lakes Police Patch

Chief Gager (third from left)

Medford Lakes Police Department 1950's

"Violators Beware"
March 7, 1957 New Police Vehicle
Left to Right: Chief Leon Gager, Patrolman Ralph Valls, Patrolman Clarence Wingert and Patrolman George Greatrex

February 26, 1959 
MLPD New Police Car
Left to Right: Ptl. Greatrex, Ptl.Valls, Chief Gager, Ptl. Wingert, Ptl.Pryer

Chief Gager at Lamb's Garage, Ford Dealer

Special Officer Paul Shafer 1950's

MLPD Patrol Vehicle 1960's

MLPD Police Explorer Program 1970's

MLPD Patrol Vehicle Arrowhead Decal 

Ptl. Sean O'Donnell/PV3701

Chief Thomas Smith, Officer Jack Smith
New Police Vehicle 1974

       1970's Radar Unit/Standard Equipment

MLPD Dress Uniform 1970's

Patrol Vehicle 3703 

Medford Lakes School Safety Patrol
Visit at Medford Lakes Police Department 


MLPD Officer Nancy Bohs

1987 Patrol Vehicles

Radar Detail Wagush/Algonquin 1987

Sergeant Jack Smith
(MLPD 1972-1988)

Medford Lakes Police
Medford Lakes Emergency Squad
Medford Lakes Fire Department

Medford Lakes Police Department/Chief Smith
Secretary Dianne Forster (MLPD 1982-2008)

1997 MLPD Trading Cards

MLPD 1998-99

2001 MLPD Trading Cards

Patrolman Thomas Cranston 

Ptl. John Thompson (MLPD 1999-2008)

MLPD Patrol Vehicles 1999

Ptl.Langefeld & Lt.Carbone 

Medford Lakes Police Department 
October 12, 2006

Patrolman John McGinnis Jr. 
Burlington County Police Academy Graduation
(Left to right) Cpl. Bob Dugan, Ret.Chief Frank Martine, Ptl. John McGinnis, 
Cpl. John Thompson, Ptl. Bill Thompson

"The Flood"
Medford Lakes was heavily damaged on July 12, 2004 during a day which saw 13+ inches of rain fall over a 14-hour period.  The heavy rain caused a series of dam breaks and breaches in the surrounding areas of Southern New Jersey, which have since been replaced.  Quogue Dam, as well as both Upper and Lower Aetna Lake Dams failed, with high water levels on portions of Ballinger Lake exceeding 500-year flood elevations.  Many houses, roadways, and vehicles were destroyed.  The borough administration, police, fire, EMS, Public Works Dept, Waste Water Dept. worked together relentlessly to ensure the safety of the residents.  Thankfully the storm caused no fatalities and no serious injuries.  

The storm is also remembered as the "1,000 Year Storm."

Jackson Park (Tabernacle Road)

                          Beach Drive                                Settlers Inn Parking Lot

         Maytag/Trading Post Trail                                   Lenape Trail
 Medford Lakes Waste Water Truck

Hurricane Katrina
On August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina, a Category 5 hurricane, struck Southeast Louisiana causing catastrophic damage.  Hurricane Katrina was the deadliest and most destructive Atlantic hurricane of the 2005 hurricane season and 6th strongest overall.  At least 1,833 people died in the hurricane and subsequent floods which spanned over 7 states.  Lieutenant Steve Carbone along with hundreds of police officers from New Jersey traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana to assist with the recovery efforts.  

August 30, 2005
New Orleans, Louisiana 

      Lt. Carbone @ Superdome                   Lt.Carbone in Hazmat gear

     Lt.Carbone w/Nation Guard            Hurricane Katrina aftermath

"The Tornado"
On Friday July 31, 2009 at approximately 5:00 P.M. a severe storm caused significant damage throughout the borough of Medford Lakes.  70-80mph winds caused approximately 400 hundred trees to fall causing 30+ road closures, damage to multiple residences and vehicles.    Many residents were forced to vacate their homes because they were not habitable due to the damage from the storm.  Police responded to over 200 calls in three days.Thankfully the borough had no fatalities and no serious injuries were reported.  The Canoe Carnival was postponed for the 1st time in 80 years, however the event was eventually held on August 8, 2009. 


Retired Chief Martine & Lieutenant Carbone
Canoe Carnival 2009 

MLPD Fleet April 2011

September 11th 2011 - 10 Year Anniversary
Leon E. Todd Memorial Park Dedication Ceremony

Medford Lakes Police Department
Canoe Carnival August 6, 2011
(Left to right: SLEO II Matt Parrish, Ofc. Michael Vining, Ofc.Jon Cherby, Ofc. John McGinnis, Sgt.Bob Dugan, Retired Chief Frank Martine, Lieutenant Steve Carbone, Ofc. Bill Thompson, Ofc. Michael May, SLEO I Tamie Hartman

Medford Lakes Police Department
2013 Canoe Carnival 
(L-R:  Ofc. Greg Blash, Ofc. Michael Vining, Ofc. Jon Cherby, Sgt. Bob Dugan, Chief Steve Carbone, Ofc. Bill Thompson, Det. John McGinnis, SLEO II Matt Parrish, SLEO I Tamie Hartman)